That bloke from the Digital Dish

Ever wondered if your phone was listening to your conversations? When you are talking to your mum about your favourite brand of washing detergent and next minute your social media is advertising multiple oppositions brands even though you are a proud Omo user. Well I personally don’t talk about that topic with my mother, but I bet a similar story has happened to you.

Now I’ve drawn your attention and disgust at someone being a proud Omo user. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael McQueen and I’m a 22 year old University Of Canberra student undertaking a bachelor of business majoring in marketing. My interests consist of finding the perfect bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and playing AFL football for the mighty Belconnen Magpies.

But why have I asked you about your listening phone ? Because the era of digital marketing is upon us and that bloke from the digital dish will be explaining everything related to digital marketing in the next 5 weeks. So stay tuned and comment below your favourite Sauvignon so I can also find the perfect bottle in the process.

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  1. From personal experience even the finest “sav b” is limited by the company you share it with. Can’t ignore a Jacobs Creek drop though.


  2. Hi there Michael 👋
    I was once talking with some associates in regards to KFC not offering a breakfast menu. Next thing I know I’m getting ads for a KFC cereal 🥣 box on my Facebook. Creepy huh. Not sure I like that my phone 📞 is listening to me.
    Looking forward to more instalments of this blog in the coming weeks.


    p.s. I don’t drink “Sav B” so I can’t comment apologies. I’m more of a red drinker.

    p.p.s I also don’t use washing powder. It gives me eczema. I wash 🧼 my clothes by hand in the sink with just water.


  3. I’m more of Coolabah fan myself. Doubles down as both a blanket and a pillow when all is said and done. After a nice box of Coolabah you aren’t going to remember the uncomfortable nights sleep in the Belconnon grandstand!


  4. Hi Michael, I can help with you trying to find the perfect bottle of Sav….. And that is, any bottle from New Zealand.
    Kind regards


  5. Hi Michael, love your work. I hope the reason you’re searching for the perfect Sav is so that you can buy it for your mother who does all of your washing! Also any chance of a blog about your favorite Mexican dish? I hear you’re the expert! Speaking of experts have you seen wolf of Wall Street? There’s some great scenes on marketing and business.


  6. Hi Michael,
    As a gen y or millennial I am still coming to terms with words like cookies & digital marketing. I am more of an Australian Post kind of guy. Some human interaction while you weigh your parcel for the appropriate cost of stamps, the pleasure of licking said stamps, placing on parcel & lastly the gained cardio while walking to & from post office. I am however looking forward to you shedding some light on these areas & it may make me upgrade from a Nokia 3310 ( snake 2, what a game ) to one of these modern devices.
    Your sincerely,
    Big C


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